Tuesday, February 28, 2006

The media's newest talking point

"To the right."

God, hard to imagine a party that wants tougher security is to the right of this guy. As Bill Maher said, can you imagine if John Kerry said during the campaign that he was going to sell control of the ports to Dubai? He would have been slaughtered by the scaremongers on the right. However, Kerry did continually push for stronger port security as an issue and only now are Democrats getting attention to the ports. But, when they do, it is in the context of "to the right" of the Republicans. Very rarely have I seen/read a real discussion of the true holes in port security; the wide open access to ports and the 98% of cargo containers that don't get inspected. But, pay no attention to that... the Democarats are now to the right of the GOP... Thank God for the media, I'd have no idea how to think without them!

(Photo from the Complete 9-11 Timeline at the Center for Cooperative Reasearch)