Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Ha Ha

I saw Dave Chappelle twice last night. Once at the Warfield were he had erica badu and mos def play with him and once at the Punchline (a real small club out here that Chappelle calls his favorite in the country) which was just a treat to say the least. Both shows were great and both pretty much were like looking at a guy going to therapy, but not in a bad way. It was just great watching him get all this stuff off his chest and using stand up to do it. Some really funny bits that he was just practicing. A real expoerience to watch one of the funniest men in America just practice doing standup.
Also, I got to meet Kevin Nealon this week when he played the club. That was surreal. He was hysterical too, and a giant who also wears a size 15!
So anyway, a busy long weekend, hope all enjoyed the E.T. video.