Thursday, February 16, 2006

What's the big deal?

I love how the right-wing crybabysphere is trying to spin this as A) Nothing Happened, B) Cheney's the Victim, and C) The Media Are Blowing This Out of Proportion. Fortunately for my own sanity, even pinheads like Chris Matthews seem to get it and are continuing to at least mention the mere fact that the questions that are being asked- and of course were not asked by Brit Hume- should be asked. The "Oh never mind the shooting, isn't Howard Dean a meanie" crowd is, forgive the expression, shooting themselves in the foot every time they attempt to minimize this or blame the press. My prime example was Tony Blankley on yesterday's Hardball. He looked like a kid who got caught with his hand in the cookie jar and just got blasted by Matthews, Tom DeFrank and even Byron- my hair is made of a chocolate sculpture - York.


Well, with the exception of maybe pure jest and sarcasm, I couldn't have said it better than this:

The scramble to paint Cheney - the shooter - as the traumatized victim of what he called "one of the worst days of my life" knows no bounds. And when you have a shameless propaganda campaign underway, can there be any doubt who is orchestrating it? (read the whole post)

And make sure you read this Post-Kopple Nightline evaluation by Bush's Brain author Jame's Moore: "The News Is What They Say It Is."