Sunday, April 22, 2007


Ouch. This should embarass every single "Conservative" that has ever lived. The GOP tactics in Congress are so wrought with dishonesty and disrespect for the legislative process that one can only wonder how they sleep at night. And, once again, I wish to thank the majority of Republicans for showing their true colors as the snivlling, conniving puppets for the Greedy One Percent.

And, you'd think that they would be too embarassed to even attempt it- espescially when reading how shamefully they ruled when in the majority. But, with a nation full of civics allergic Rush-tards and an "MC Rove" media machine, it's safe to operate in Congress with the integrity of a mafia lawyer. In a related note, Focus on the Family has chosen a picture of Tom Delay's blood-soaked-middle-finger being sucked on by an Iraqi orphan as it's new logo. Dr James Dobson explained the move in a statement: "The picture of Eddie Haskell dressed as an altar boy watching a lynching, no longer carries the integrity it used to. So, in an effort to show not just our values but also our strong political ties, we gave Jack Abramoff a bunch of money and he brought back one heckuva picture. We decided it would better serve the Lord to update our image for a whole new generation of Christies." Adding "And that's Iraqi blood too. Ol' Tom wanted people to know that."

Anyway, it could just be laziness on the reporters' end. It could also be a ratings driven system and policy and procedure don't sell. But, I have to say, if I were a multimillionaire CEO of a media conglomerate whose salary was voted on by a bunch of other multimillionaire CEOs and we'd all get screwed if shareholders got to vote on our pay, I would never let the public see it either. How convenient for them is it that information that directly effects their insanely high salaries, as well as a perfect example of the absolute shadieness of their political puppets in Congress, will never get shown on their networks!

I do have to say on the positive side (see Mom, I can think positive), the sweetest part of this is, those cold, hard facts were delivered with a hilarious, biting sarcasm from an openly-gay liberal Democrat from Massachusetts... you can almost hear Pat Robertson's head exploding.