Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Will Hillary's Nipples Accidentally Push the Button?

Would You Vote For John Edward's If You Knew His Barber REFUSED to wear American flag pin?

Ru9y Giul1an1 recently said that September 11th taught us a powerfearful lesson about the 11th day of ninth month of 2002 minus 1. Hilary Clintons husband wants to go back to work at a public building he was caught fornicating in. Who do you think is more qualified to bomb Iran?

Fred Thompson believes war is a struggle, the economy is complicated, and pillows, well golly, pillows are just right. Would you please applaud for him at this very moment.

Mike Huckabee lost thousands of pounds. But don't worry, he never lost his command of rational thought. If elected, would you support President Huckabee's decision to rename Victory Over Japan Day, Three Cheers For Creationism Day?

General Petraeus or Paulee Green Star?

If Dick Cheney Were As Gay As His Daughter, Dyke Cheney, Would You Shoot Him In The Face?

Did the liberal media show its true colors once again by covering Anna Nicole's death for only four months?

If you could bid on eBay to win President Bush's codpiece, would you upon winning leave positive feedback?

General Petraeus or Jeff Gannon?

Fred Thompson's wife and Dennis Kucinich's wife could end the gay marriage debate in one kiss. Would you like to see this kiss even if it hurts God's feelings?

Who do you think is the funniest guy in Al Queda?

If a phony soldier's 12 year-old son needs help recovering from a coma and traumatic brain injury, should he A) qualify for the SCHIP assistance or B) be given a purple heart band-aid or C) should he be forced to illegally obtain his Oxycontin by paying one of his many rumored housemaids?

Do you think Senator Craig was toe-tapping in an airport bathroom in a desparate attempt to solicit hot male-on-male layover sex or was he simply mimicking the degenerative affects of Michael J Fox's disease while he shat?

Is are childrens learning?

There have been over 650.000 Iraqi deaths since the start of Operation Iraqi Freedom began. Now, granted, some of those people may have been liberals but still, others may have lived on and could have worked tirelessly in Iraq to put Reagan's image on the American dime. In retrospect, was the Iraq war worth it?

Senator Hillary Clinton is starting to show the confidence of a far more admirable woman, like Elizabeth Edwards. Hillary's even been compared to Robert F. Kennedy in that she has none of the true spirit and ideological commitment that Robert F. Kennedy had. And, some people are saying she is already making people yearn for the excitement and clarity of the Kerry campaign. If you were Senator Clinton, would you vomit when looking at yourself in the mirror?

General Petraeus or any of the number of Generals who were soooooooooooooooo respected and whose words were sooooooooooooo patriotic and righteous that they were fired for telling us the truth.

Barack Obama recently said that flag pins dont reflect his true patriotism. Do you think he's right or are you in a state of shock because he's finally showing some balls?

Do you think a Bill Richardson presidency will result in everybody "illegally" entering into the Lambada?