Thursday, January 25, 2007

Add this to the already many reasons I am in love with Lara Logan

This is just unreal. It's odd that it's all over the web as of today (I read it on six different pages and posted it here because I almost gagged), but it is not on the network it was produced for. Why in the hell would CBS put it on their website, but not air it? They are intentionally reducing the viewership of this piece to a fraction of what it should be! Their reason? Too graphic. Right...

While our Sore-Loser-Spoiled-Brat-Messianic-Male-Cheerleader-In-Chief continues to listen only to Satan, our media enables him by continuing to neglect its principle mission: to use our airways to keep us informed. The stories are of death counts and of politics-as-sport, but all too often the reality of the TWO wars our country is fighting gets swept under the rug for wall to wall Rosie-Hates-Donnie coverage. We are not being shown the reality of what we have done. I of course don't mean the "Yeahhhhhhhhhhhh! We're Paintin' Schools and Spreadin' Freedumb!" stories the right wants to spread so they feel better about their chest-thumping support for lunatics and their catostrophic genocidal decisions. I mean the reality of what it is like there.

The truth about Iraq is that it is in total chaos. I and most of America know this from various reports from people who have lived there for months, even years, from the generals who Bush fired for disagreeing with his predetermined fantasy of what the reality is there, from veterans who describe it as nothing less then unleashing the gates of hell, and from the glimpses of truth the media allows (and there is no other word for it) me to see in between their corporate whoring for penis pills and potato chips.

Logan, who is in Iraq, decribes her piece as "a story that is largely being ignored, even though this istakingplace verysingle day in central Baghdad, two blocks from where our office is located."

Keep in mind, Bush thinks that 17,000 US troops are going to put an end to this.

from mediachannel:
Several bodies are shown in the two- minute segment–”some with obvious signs of torture,” as Logan points out. She also notes that her crew had to flee for their lives when they we were warned of an impending attack. While fleeing, another civilian was killed before their eyes.

Logan’s email, with the one-word subject line of ‘help’, was sent to friends and colleagues imploring them to lobby CBS to highlight that people are interested in seeing the piece. In it, Logan argues that the story is “not too gruesome to air, but rather too important to ignore… It should be seen. And people should know about this.”

Watch the video. Please read and participate in spreading this (and other clips, blogs, articles etc) link above around to your friends. After you've called CBS to challenge their absense of logic (i.e. not airing this brilliant piece of journalism while continuing to air the intellectual pornography that is Armed and Famous and THREE different CSI series), please call Congress and whoever represents you and beg them to impeach these maniacs before they bomb Iran and destroy us all. They lied us into this war. They continue to lie to us. They have murdered 650,000 innocent people and want to kill more. They are criminals of the first order and have perpetrated crimes against humanity in the form of this illegal invasion and illegal occupation.

And our media, no doubt ailing from the collective broken kneecaps they have all suffered from 6 years of genuflecting to power at every opportunity, is an absolute disgrace and an accomplice in this crime. Lara Logan is one amoung very few who still practice actual journalism on television. But, as the story describes, it ain't always easy being in the mainstream. Also, I don't think that CBS was, in this case, being sinister. I just think they were being stupid.

Call CBS. Challenge them on their logic. Tell them this: "If while watching a three hour broadcast of the most violent sport in the civilised world, I repeatedly have to watch Bob Dole explain to me how, thanks to a little blue pill, he can finally revive his long forgotton nights of raunchy conservative coitus with his elderly wife, then why can't I see what's really going on in Iraq."

I am still holding out hope...


Saturday, January 13, 2007

How Sociopaths Say "I Was Wrong."

"Well, no question, decisions have made things unstable." (Update: How pathetic is it that Matt Drudge calls such a statement "candor?")

I think President Bush has lost his mind. I am not saying that to insult him, because I truly believe he’s going crazy. I would be too if I were him. Look at the situation we’re in and how insane he sounds. I watched the speech and was blown away by his demeanor- his hollow, monotonous delivery and his deer-in-headlights expression- literally scared me. “This is what happens when an absolute madman is in charge,” I kept saying. Unfortunately, what was scarier than how David Koresh-like Bush seemed in delivering his speech, was the truly bizarre plan itself. OK, so, the entire world is at stake, and yet when we went in and people told you that we needed 300+ thousand troops for Iraq, they were fired. And now we are stuck so badly that our options have turned into leaving now or leaving later with absolutely nothing different on the ground. Wait, did I just hear him warn Iran? Did I just hear him warn the Iraqi PM? Three years after "mission accomplished” and we can’t even hold Baghdad? Wow, what a mess, I am sure his plan will be as dictated by the November elections… Wait, what’s his plan? A 15% increase in troop levels over several months! And Americans on door-to-door patrols commanded by the Iraqis! None of it makes sense. Lawrence O’Donnell even said that this means it’s only around 5,000 more troops on the ground at any given time. That’s nonsense. Why send them in the first place. This is so nuts. We can’t stop a 1,000 year-old religious battle with 5000 more troops. Get OUT! It’s over. We lost. Badly. On the world stage. It’s over. Vietnam II and we lost it too. Adding more troops, at this late stage, only provides more bodies for the insurgency to shoot at. There are like four civil wars going oon over there and we can't help win any of them. Also, why are they taking troops OUT of Afghanistan for this? Excuse me? We’re going to lose both! Please start the impeachment hearings soon!

Also, watch Road to Guantanamo if you want to see how we're "winning."